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Suitible for men and women, the iconic-looking shoes have an outer-upper made from heavyweight, breathable hemp, an internal completed of cotton and an external sole complete from 60% normal caoutchouc and 40% rubber. Great if you're into the communicate way but desire a little dissimilar that's completed with a few actually thrilling, sustainable supplies. £39.35 at normal set. Get more eco-friendly shoes and frills over at Hippyshopper!

Hemp Shoes are shoes that feature uppers completed with a normal thread extracted from the internal woof of the hemp place. This fabric is strong, breathable and opposed to molds and bacteria manufacture it a easy objects for Hemp Shoes.

Above the years, advancements have been completed in the reproduction of hemp to be used as clothing. One time obtainable only as a very ordinary fiber, this new treatment of fibers produce a better, much softer fiber. This more complicated form of hemp is mounting in reputation for use in clothing, luggage, backpacks and shoes. There have been a lot of questions and little answers on the heed of hemp products and hemp shoes in exacting.

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