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Food / Hemp Muesli Cereal
Food / Hemp Muesli Cereal
Find out the speculate of hemp foods with our range of Hanf-Natur Hemp Foods. The major creator of hemp foods in Europe, Hanf-Natur create far above the earth excellence hemp foods and have faultless green credentials. Nutritious, tasty and ecological, these hemp foods are truthfully only one of its kinds. Total your green way of life with Hemp Oil makeup and Hemp clothes.

The Nut Hemp breakfast cereal combination contains shelled and roasted hemp food seeds. A tasty mix of beautiful, extremely nutritious ingredients counting far above the earth fruit or nut inside in that order. They are of helpful superiority not only for mealtime but also as invigorating snacks. Ingredients: spelt, barley, full corn flakes, hazelnut, shelled hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and linseed. (12% nut share)

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