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Escape to the garden paradise of Hawaii with Malie's normal products for the home. Malie use clean Hawaiian plant extracts and usual ingredients to carry the lush beauty of Hawaii into your home. Wish from eco-friendly soy candles, clean plant home fragrances and comfort all-natural gifts. Click here to study about Malie's usual philosophy.

Treat in a nourishing blend of usual and organic native Hawaiian ingredients through your travels with Malie Organics' botanicals and Hawaiian Hydrosols. Malie's organic tour set includes an organic conditioner, shampoo, body wash and body cream, each 2 oz. And 3 oz organic soy candle. Packaged with comfortable gold accents, it's the just right more feel when you by now offer the top. It is also brilliant when you love all Malie products and have to select which to share as a present.

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