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Hemp seed is the mainly nutritionally total seed on the planet. Our food goods are completed with hemp flour and/or hemp oil. The hemp seeds are pushed to take away the seed oil and grind and separate the remaining food to make hemp flour. The flour is high in protein and necessary fatty acids. So not only are our food goods tasty, they are good quality for you too!

Hemp seeds have a nutty taste. When processed into flour and mixed with wheat or corn flour, the feel of the seeds is slight, but provides hemp foods with a cheerful and healthy flavor. Some say it "tastes similar to freedom."

Hemp seed is the mainly nutritionally entire seed on the planet for human utilization. Hemp seed contains 25% protein. This protein is extra simply digestible than the protein in soybeans because it contains a just right ratio necessary fatty acids (EFA's). EFA's are chief for increase your immune method and protecting you from illness. Fish oil and flax oil are also high in EFA's, but hemp contains the mainly just right ratio of EFA's for human spending. Hemp seed is too high in iron and calcium.

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