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Lip Balm / Hemp Lipbalm Lemon
 Lip Balm / Hemp Lipbalm Lemon
Specialized to national natural principles, our lip balms are based on unadulterated natural oils and beeswax, free of petrochemical customized ingredients. The lip salve leads with avocado oil since that gives a high-quality defensive fence to the rudiments and along with the beeswax, while the organic jojoba and hemp oils assist miniaturization. Only the finest natural necessary oils are second-hand for fragrance: peppermint is invigorating; ginger has zing; lime and orange being citrus are stimulating. And of course the Naked is for more sensitive skin/people who don't want any essential oil.s

Hemp ointment make edge balm is just the premium herbal lip treatment on the marketplace. ecological and healthy, our usual and SPF versions of Hemp Balm are the only ALL hemp essential part oil based firewood on the marketplace. Hemp seed oil in mixture with vitamin E and aromatic plant extract is healing for your lips. The unsaturated natural world of hemp seed oil acts as a free radical scavenger while the vitamin E and rosemary extract quenches the free radicals. jointly they are nature's reply to fit yielding mouth.

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